Château la Chèvre d'Or, EZE Village, France

From luxury Suits and Rooms to Chèvre d’Or

Exclusive and elegant rooms and suits

chevre_contentLight and unique by their architecture and decoration, 30 rooms and 9 suits are located in the heart of the village and in the gardens. One is modern, other narrate about the more or less recent past, spread on one, two or four floors. Some sensitive and arrogant offer a magic show.

The suits lead on the steps of famous artists, which were in Eze and at the Chevre d’Or: Cocteau, Nietzsche, Balokovic and Barlow…

Chateau de la Chevre d’Or offers its Presidential Suite: elegant suit with a private terrace with pool and Jacuzzi overlooking the sea. A piece of paradise.

  • Château la Chèvre d'Or
  • Rue du Barri
  • 06360 - EZE Village
  • France