Domaine des Andéols
Domaine des Andéols

The Domaine des Andéols restaurants

2 restaurants with authentic flavours

The Domaine des Andéols offers two restaurants:

La Loggia

In this gourmet restaurant, nestled in the foothills of Provence, meticulous, refined cuisine enhances every flavor, while respecting the wonderful local produce. You’ll discover an intimate knowledge of nature’s authentic flavors, surrounded by lavender fields, vineyards and pine forests.

Le Platane

At the foot of the estate, majestic and gigantic, stands a hundred-year-old plane tree, surrounded by clear springs. In the shade of the plane tree, the bistronomic restaurant serves generous, convivial cuisine, highlighting a Provencal and Mediterranean identity.

Lunch or dinner under the trees is an unforgettable experience!

In season, a poolside menu is also available, featuring fresh produce and classics such as fresh tomato salad straight from the garden, or the famous club sandwich. It’s the ideal way to enjoy a meal by the pool while still soaking up the sun and the peace.

Domaine des Andéols
Les Andéols
84490 - Saint-Saturnin-lès-Apt