Domaine des Andéols
Domaine des Andéols

Elegant suites and houses at the Domaine des Andéols

Suites and houses in harmony with nature

8 Nature Suites, a pure and warm design, in communion with nature… Each room has its own private terrace. A call to the outdoors, with large bay windows opening onto lavender fields.
These suites allow our guests to connect with the surrounding nature, offering breathtaking views of the enchanting panoramas of Provence, specifically the Lubéron…

In addition, 11 houses, recently divided into 2 categories, « Houses » and « Deluxe Houses » which offer the exclusive advantage of a private swimming pool. Each home boasts a unique, contemporary design and décor. Inside, a veritable living museum takes shape, where paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs and art books coexist.
The houses become spaces where art and nature meet, offering our guests a genuine invitation to travel.

Domaine des Andéols
Les Andéols
84490 - Saint-Saturnin-lès-Apt